Dylan Yu

Dylan Yu is a junior and a two-time USA(J)MO qualifier. His favorite area of math is geometry. Outside of math, he likes physics, computer science, and economics. In his spare time, he likes to read and play basketball with his friends. His favorite condiment is barbeque sauce.

Dennis Chen

Dennis Chen, the director of the MAST program, is a junior who writes about mathematics and does competition mathematics, qualifying for the USAJMO in 2020. Outside of mathematics, he enjoys programming, writing, drawing, designing documents, singing film or musical scores, and playing Minecraft.

Prajith Velicheti

Prajith Velicheti is a junior and is passionate about math, physics, computer science, chess, and music; he is an AIME qualifier and teaches competition mathematics at the math club at his school, and he teaches introductory competition mathematics and introductory physics at a local middle school. In his free time, he plays chess online and has participated in tournaments prior to the pandemic, and he also plays the saxophone as part of the top band in his school.

Kelin Zhu

Kelin Zhu is mainly a curriculum developer for MAST. Currently a sophomore at Montgomery Blair HS, Maryland, he began seriously pursuing competition math in 7th grade and has qualified for the AIME every year since, eventually making USAJMO in 2021. He also enjoys learning about college-level mathematics, computer science and physics. Outside of STEM, he was formerly a world-class Tetris player and enjoys tutoring English to Chinese students, as well as writing on his personal blog.

Jerry Xiao

Jerry Xiao is a sophomore and has been an active math competitor for the past three years, qualifying for AIME since eighth grade. He has also participated in HMMT, USAMTS, SMT, and BMT. In his spare time, you can find him running, attempting physics problems, writing problems for mock contests, or listening to music.

William Dai

William Dai is a rising junior who has been active in competition math for the past four years. He has previously made AIME four times, competed in Texas MATHCOUNTS State, PuMAC, HMMT, and many other mathematics contests. In 2020, he made AMC 10 DHR. His favorite subject of contest math is combinatorics and he particularly likes elegant recursions. Aside from contest math, William also has an interest in competitive programming and has made USACO Gold. In his free time, he likes reading short stories and listening to Japanese music.

Aaron Guo

Aaron Guo is a math enthusiast, a MAST curriculum developer, and a problem writer for MAT. He is a junior at Plano West Senior High who has been involved in his local math community for many years. A longtime participant in the AMC series, Aaron is a 3-time USAJMO qualifier and a MOP invitee.

Brian Zhang

Brian Zhang is currently a sophmore at Enloe High School who participates in contest math. He has qualified for the AIME several times, competed in Mathcounts Nationals, HMMT, PUMaC, ARML, and many other contests. Asides from math, he enjoys astronomy, programming, and playing Genshin Impact.